Transfer of Credits

Newport International University is a private institution that accepts transfer credits for college-level coursework from licensed institutions. Course transfers are accepted on an individual basis. Students who wish to transfer credits from institutions based outside the United States or Canada must first have those credits evaluated by an organization or agency accepted by Newport International University. NIU recognizes all members of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES). A list of the members of NACES can be found at www.naces.org.

Newport International University will accept transfer credits from classes taken from licensed institutions. The classes must closely correspond with Newport International University courses, and the student must have earned a grade of C or higher to earn transfer credit, a student must follow these steps:

Step 1: Submit the Admission Application together with a letter stating a desire to transfer external university credits.

Step 2: Show that the class is equivalent to a class within Newport International University. To do this, a student must submit a copy of the school catalog course description and course syllabus with the letter requesting transfer credits.

Step 3: Newport International University will then process the credit transfer request.

Step 4: Notification of the University's decision will be sent to the student via e-mail.

Students must request transfer credit for prior university learning immediately upon application to the institution or as soon as the course has been completed to ensure that the students will receive accurate advisement. Academic advisors cannot know which transfer credits a student has until he or she submits them to the school.

A maximum of 50 percent of the units or credits may be applied toward the award of a bachelor's degree up to 60 credit units, and no more than 20 percent; or 6 credit units for the master's degree may be accepted for transfer of credits. Transfer units must be from a state approved or accredited institution. Transfer credits do not figure into the calculation of a student's GPA.


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