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Executive Seminars

Newport International University stands for quality, partnership and collaboration assisting businesses, organizations and their executives to attain global business visions through effective training seminars. NIU offers executive seminars to a variety of industries and organizations, using advanced management techniques in their various leading functions to improve business operation processes.

These seminars are developed for executives of all industries and conducted by industry practitioners who hold educational degrees in their fields and taught in professional degree programs in many well- known universities and colleges.

NIU utilizes an online platform that helps business executives use technology applications in both business and psychology. The Business Executive Seminars are conducted in both face-to-face and online methods and the Psychology Executive Seminars are face-to-face only to enhance facilitation of seminar training.

Some Business Executive Seminars include:

This seminar is a highly effective training for individuals or groups that are involved with new developments of products and services. In this seminar, innovation conception processes, business development, organizational structure, rules and regulations to establish new business venture, fund raising and the fundamental operations for entrepreneurs. Applicable cases, relevant videos and lectures are the main training materials.

Finance & Banking
This seminar is for executives and high-level managers with some technical or non-business expertise that need to manage financial and banking of their divisions or business.  The financial reporting, recording, and the key elements of finance and banking in decision-making are covered as they relate to the accounting processes.  Also, key banking requirements as a part of financial healthy business that determines how to invest, save or obtain loans are discussed. Practical applications, exercises, short lectures using technology and other forms of practices are training materials used in this seminar. 

Global Culture, Leadership & Organization
One of the significant business growth and expansion, is the strategic determinant factor in global arena. In the beginning of this seminar, fundamental concepts of culture, various leadership traits, and organizational structure and development are reviewed. The next phase of this seminar will examine all the above topics with a global aspect. The benefits of this training seminar are for organizations leaders or managers who are in the process of global expansion or active in global market. The importance of how to treat cultures as a market, employees, customers and communication requirements are reviewed. Articles, lectures, videos and case studies are the main training materials used and available on the platform.

Healthcare Administration
This seminar is a review of fundamental components of healthcare organizations, specific processes of operations, service quality, arrangements, and types of employees, roles and responsibilities, management styles, customer service, procedures, and policies are reviewed. Also, data recording, process improvement and expectations are covered. Training materials include articles, applicable case studies, practical lectures and other forms of discussion.

Negotiation & Conflict Resolution
All organization will encounter conflicts within the organization or in interaction with other organizations. Also, there exist elements of conflict between employees and management or other forms of it. This seminar will introduce how to identify the cause of the conflict, find the constructive aspects of it and find the resolution. Also, negotiation techniques that prevent conflicts in any organization with some relevance to legal requirements are reviewed.  Short lectures, role-playing videos, case studies and sample procedures are used for delivery materials. 

Strategic Planning and Implementation
This seminar is a comprehensive review of the concepts, theories and applications relevant to both production and service industries. The core of the seminar is to provide hands on training to attendees from various fields. This seminar will have an online platform to make the seminar materials available to participants for more reviews. The seminar is administered by an instructor who is well educated and experienced in the field. There are case studies, applications, and a final Strategic Planning formulated by each individual from their affiliated companies. The seminar will cover the fundamental components, business goals, operational objectives, customer review, internal and external evaluations, bench marking, technology review, implementation procedure, project management overview, SWAT analysis, communication planning and work break down structure.

This seminar is to develop a comprehensive marketing plan and approach for local, international and global market. The concepts and techniques applied in the marketing plan is reviewed to make the attendees familiar with the customer feedback process, market assessment, competitive analysis, market share review, product management, branding and the incorporation of strategic planning concentrated on marketing structure. This seminar includes case studies, literature analysis of various plans and evaluation for both production and service industries. Also, various aspects of global marketing, advertising, the role of media and market niche are defined. The attendees of this seminar will have a final project to develop a marketing plan for their affiliated company.

Operations Management
This is a seminar for the directors/managers of operations in both production and service industries. The core concepts cover quantitative techniques, technology requirements, data collection, fundamental procedures for tasks, operational objectives, project managements relevant to operations management, decision making models, quality and efficiency process improvement for both production and service, customer service and procedure development. The seminar includes case analysis, articles review from various size operations, video from technology application in production and service organizations. The seminar concludes with a self-operation project related to the attendee’s company operations.

This seminar is designed for all levels of managers from all organizational size.  The attendees will learn the latest concepts of leadership and management including management styles and leadership traits. The instructors of this seminar are well educated with many years of experience in their fields. The seminar offers role playing, case studies, article analysis to understand the various types of managerial, and leadership roles. The latest studies from academic and industry sources will be used to define the most relevant management/leadership structure that engages all levels of organizations. The final project for this seminar involves attendee’s organization structure of management /leadership and their roles.

Organizational Development
This seminar is developed for the executives, Human Resources and heads of divisions of both production and service industries. The key concepts of organizational structure, team development, self-directed teams, global organizations, industrial organizations, service organizations, technology role in organizational development, and self-study of organization behavior and organization survey are covered.  The lectures, case studies, article reviews, video and other techniques are used for a practical learning approach.  The attendees will complete a self-study of their organization to identify the strength and weakness and the solution to the problems and conflicts within their organization.

Some Psychology Executive Seminars include:

Learn about interesting topics in psychology, art, culture and more! Each course is specifically crafted to learn and explore therapeutic techniques, cultural phenomenon, history through a psychological lens and more. Study abroad, earn credit and certifications, improve your skills and resume, and have a great time doing it! (CEU’s and ECTS available)

Applying The Myers Briggs to Working with Groups
Focus of Study: Understanding personality preferences and Leadership Styles
Course Description: The is course will provide participants an interesting, accessible and useful way through The Myers Briggs Training Inventory (MBTI) to help people understand and ace sense of different personality preferences, working and leadership styles.  Learn ways to interact with and be more effective by understanding personality and leadership styles.  Learn how differences between people can be harnessed as a source of growth and productivity rather than unnecessary tension and conflict.

Managing Difficult Discussions Workshop
Focus of Study: Learning to manage difficult discussions
Course Description: In this experiential workshop.  Participants will have opportunities to develop their understanding and thinking about the dynamics of difficult discussions as well, as sharpen their skills in managing important and difficult conversations effectively.

Madness or Art?
The Prinzhorn Collection: The Psychological, Political and Social Sphere that led to the Extermination of Millions.
Focus of Study: An examination of the treatment of the mentally ill through Hans Prinzhorn’s theories, Tran’s generational trauma, culture and socio political implications.
Course Description: At the turn of the 20th century, Dr. Hans Prinzhorn a psychiatrist and art historian collected artworks created by institutionalized patients throughout Europe for The University of Heidelberg Psychiatric Clinic.  It is the largest collection of psychiatric art that had major political and historical consequences.  The artwork Dr. Prinzhorn collected was a great influence on the psychiatric perception of mental illness, the Avant-garde art movement, Adolf Hitler and what led to the extermination of over 100,000 psychiatric patients, the handicapped and led the extermination of over 6 million in WWII.  We will examine the cultural implications and trans-generational trauma through the Prinzhorn collection.

Expressive Arts Psychotherapy Intensive Training: “Getting In Touch With The World We Live In”
Focus of Study: Expressive Arts Psychotherapy. (35 CEU’s and/or 4 ECTS)
Course Description:  This training program will give the participants exposure to dance/movement therapy in terms of personal therapeutic and experience and applications as well as theories in this field.  The participants will be actively involved in the course work e.g. movement, group discussion and dialogue with Argentinian colleagues.  Topics will include Intro of DMT and basic theory, Communication and Kinesthetic Empathy, Embodied Enactive Psychotherapy Synchronicity, Rhythm, Contemplation and Group Synergy with live musicians, Communication & Empathy, Tango Dance & Stories, Rhythm & Synchronicity with live musicians, Folklorical Dances and history of Argentina, Creativity through movement and art. (35 CEU’s).

Analytical Psychology: Winter Intensive Program
Focus of Study: Jungian Analytical Psychology. (36 CEU’S/ 4 ECTS).
Course Description: The Winter Intensive Study Program will lay emphasis on fundamentals, dreams, fairy tales, religion, alchemy, pictures and bodywork.  It is intended that lectures, seminars and discussions can be followed by those who are new to Jungian Psychology, but will at the same time be of value to those with professional psychological training and interests. The courses are taught by analysts of the Institute and internationally renowned guest lecturers.

Art Therapy Barcelona
Focus of Study: Art Therapy within Cultures. (30 CEU’S/ 4 ECTS)
Course Description: This training program will give the participants exposure to Art Therapy as practiced within many cultures around the world. This is an intensive seminar into art psychotherapy. The course has been designed specifically for our small group: students / practitioners of fine arts, psychology, psychotherapy/counseling, with an interest in Art Therapy.
Aim: The course gives participants an overview into Art Therapy as it is taught and practiced in different countries in the world today including: Theoretical classes and Case Presentations, Fine Arts workshops and Art Therapy Training Groups.

Existential Analysis and Logo therapy Diploma
Focus of Study: Existential Analysis and Logo-therapy. (35 CEU’S/ 4 ECTS)
The course gives participants an intensive training of existential analysis/Logotherapy to help develop the clients’ perceptiveness and individual activity in the four fundamental (FM’S) motivations of existential analysis.  The theoretical concepts of the four FM’s provide the necessary framework to situate and treat all kinds of psychic problems including, anxiety, phobias, depression, personality disorders, addiction and suicidality.

International Summer School Psychoanalysis in Vienna: Footprints of the past through the present...
Focus of Study: Psychoanalysis. (70 CEU’S/ 4 ECTS)
Course Description: This course is studying Psychoanalysis in Vienna: Footprints of the past through present, an exploration of analytic history thought, and modern practice through following the footprints of the people, places and events of psychoanalysis in Vienna the birthplace.  Classes held in, Vienna, and through the city at various historic spots.  The Vienna Summer School will provide students an immersive theoretical and experiential academic learning experience with European scholars and students.  The Summer School in Psychotherapy is an intensive, two-week program in the fundamental principles of psychotherapy science.  Students and professionals from all over the world take part in this unique learning experience. (1-week options also available)

The Destination for Peace: Applied Mindfulness
Focus of Study: Applied Mindfulness Practices
Course Description: Integrating contemplative insights and methods into practice and daily life, you will have opportunities to practice leading meditations, group check-in process, and didactic experiences.  Explore the profound psycho-spiritual implications for utilizing contemplative psychology in everyday life as a tool for insight, behavioral change, and happiness.  Intensive, skills building step-by-step learning experience integrating mindfulness and meditation, and its applications in daily life and clinical psychotherapy.

Psychoanalytic and Psychodynamic Work with Adolescents and Young Adults
Focus of Study: Psychoanalytic and Psychodynamic work with adolescents and young adults
Course Description:  This intensive course is aimed at professionals who are working with adolescents and young adults who want to develop their skills in working psychotherapeutically within their existing role. The course will involve a range of presentations, explorative discussions and work discussion groups in which all participants will have the opportunity to bring some of their own current work with adolescents for discussion and reflection. The course also involves some input and discussion about key psychoanalytic theories, adolescent development, assessment and risk.  Through these different course components, participants will develop their awareness, understanding and capacity to manage the emotional impact of working with young people – and to use this understanding in a way that helps to further enhance their role and work.

Custom Executive Seminars

Our relationships with top companies and organizations focus on providing tailor-made Executive Seminars, offering specific benefits to both the employer and the employee. We can create custom Executive Seminars to fully meet the needs of the employers in-house or at a campus. You may be eligible for additional group benefits. For more information, please contact the administrative office at (818) 356-4743 or email us at info@niu-edu.us.


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